Financial Aid

The California State Summer School for the Arts provides financial aid to students based on demonstrated financial need. All CA State residents with financial need are highly encouraged to apply. CSSSA is expecting that 50% percent of students enrolled in the 2023 summer session will receive financial aid. Full and partial tuition scholarships are available.

A financial aid request form is included in the online CSSSA application. It is to be completed by a parent or guardian, and not the student applicant. Because CSSSA is funded by CA taxpayers, only CA residents are eligible to receive financial aid. A parent or guardian must include copies of their most recent, or prior year tax documents. Undocumented applicants may email CSSSA for further instruction.

The online request form must be submitted, along with the completed online application, by February 28 at 6:00 PM, Pacific Time.

A request for financial aid does not affect a student’s chances of being invited to the program. The request form is not reviewed until the program application has been reviewed. Please note, financial aid is available only to California residents and first-time California attendees.