Tuition & Financial Aid


The 2024 tuition covers the program courses, room, board and most supplies. Because CSSSA is funded by the State of California, the tuition is lower for CA State residents. The state subsidy also means that CSSSA’s tuition is much lower for CA residents than other four-week residential programs across the state. The following are the tuition costs for both in-state and out-of-state residents:

CA State Residents – $4,723

Out-of-State and International Students – $7,187

Once a student is invited to attend CSSSA, they will receive an invoice for the tuition balance by email. They must submit their tuition balance by June 3, 2024. An additional charge for administrative processing is added to the online invoice. All payments are to be made by credit card. Payment details will be sent by email to all invited students and parents in their virtual pre-registration packet, mailed on May 15, 2024.

Other / Optional Fees:

During the program, a small amount of pocket money for laundry, and incidentals is recommended. Optional Sunday field trips are offered at an additional cost as well; registration is made available for field trips closer to the start of the program. Graduates of CSSSA must pay an additional fee if they wish to receive California State University credits and a college transcript. This request is made upon completion of the program.

Financial Aid

California State Summer School for the Arts provides financial aid to students based on demonstrated financial need. All CA State residents with financial need are highly encouraged to apply. CSSSA is expecting that 50% percent of students enrolled in the 2024 summer session will receive financial aid. Full and partial tuition scholarships are available.

CSSSA’s policy is that no student from California is denied entry to the program due to their inability to cover the tuition costs. To qualify for financial aid, CA applicants must complete the online financial aid form, which is included in the online application for the upcoming summer session. This form is completed by a parent or guardian. A request for financial aid does not affect a student’s chances of being invited to the program. All CA residents are encouraged to apply if the tuition cost is prohibitive to attend.

Because CSSSA is funded by CA taxpayers, only CA residents and first-time California attendees are eligible to receive financial aid. A parent or guardian must include copies of their most recent, or prior year tax documents. Undocumented applicants may email CSSSA for further instruction.