Covid 19 Protocols

CSSSA plans for the 2023 summer session to be held in person. We are delighted to be hosted on the CalArts campus in Valencia CA, our host location for many years.

CSSSA will be closely monitoring the status of COVID-19 leading up to the start of the summer session. We will be following all health and safety guidelines required by the State of California, and the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health.

Out-of-State and International Students

CSSSA is currently planning to host students from outside of California during the 2023 session. This is subject to change should COVID-19 hinder CSSSA from safely accommodating out-of-state students. As always, CSSSA will be following the mandates of LA County Department of Public Health, and the State of California.

Proof of Vaccination

In keeping CSSSA’s community safe, our top priority is proof of vaccination. COVID vaccination is mandatory for faculty, students, and staff of CSSSA for the 2022 session. Proof of vaccination (2 Moderna shots, 2 Pfizer shots, or 1 Johnson and Johnson shot).

Mask Wearing

CSSSA will be announcing our mask wearing policy closer to the start of the 2023 session. Our policy will follow all LA County Department of Public Health regulations. Please note, cloth masks, as well gators and bandanas will not be approved for on-campus use should masks be required. Surgical masks, N95 and NK95 masks are the approved mask types. If masks are required, CSSSA will provide approved masks to any student for daily use.

COVID-19 Testing

CSSSA will be announcing our COVID-19 testing policy closer to the start of the 2023 session.  Anyone with a medical or religious exemption from being vaccinated will be required to be tested, as well as anyone exposed to COVID-19 on or off-campus. The regularity of the required testing will be announced closer to the start of the program.

Campus Exposure

Any student who tests positive for COVID-19 will be isolated in residence life rooms which have been reserved for this purpose. Students who test positive will need to be picked up by a parent or guardian the same day of the test result, regardless of their proximity to the campus.

Additional Safety Protocols

The following are additional safety protocols:

  • Complete a daily symptom screening
  • Report to Health Services if you have COVID-19 symptoms
  • Always wear your CSSSA ID
  • Practice mindful distancing and physical contact
  • Wash your hands regularly while on campus

All students, staff, and faculty are required to following the above protocols to ensure the health and safety of the community.