Covid Update

A Message to Invited Students

The CSSSA 2021 summer session will be virtual this summer. While we understand this online program cannot replace the value of an on-campus residential experience, we fully intend for the virtual program to grow and develop your creative and artistic skills with the same spirit of excellence that CSSSA is known for, 35 years running. The program will offer students an immersive, challenging and supportive curriculum while offering community engagement and one-to-one mentorship with your instructors. It is sure to be an enriching and inspiring experience.

Though we hoped, as much as all of you, to offer the session in-person this summer, restrictions across the State of California due to the Covid-19 pandemic vary from county to county. LA County, where our host site CalArts is located, is one of the most restrictive, particularly for in-person residential programming. Currently, college campuses have been instructed by the LA County Department of Public Health, to significantly limit on-campus day activities, and not to host overnight residential programs. CSSSA has also received specific directives from the department to run the program virtually this summer. Despite all of the progress made with the vaccines and the positive news of reduced cases of the virus throughout the State, it is simply too early to welcome CSSSA students back to a full time residential program as we had hoped. As high school day programs reopen across California, residential college campuses in LA County are unfortunately still restricted from doing so. Based on all of these restrictions and directives, CSSSA’s governing Board of Trustees voted to offer CSSSA online this summer.

We congratulate you on your invitation to attend CSSSA, and we look forward to welcoming you to the program this coming July. As we have more information about the virtual program, we will be posting additional information to our website, and informing you by email with important updates.

Matthew Gallagher

Director, CSSSA