Visual Arts Requirements

CSSSA Visual Arts Required Assignments – 2018

Applicants to the Visual Arts Program must submit completed application and teacher recommendations and upload the following


A. Choose any issue that interests you (something personal, political or social). Use whatever materials, techniques, and processes work best to express your views on the chosen issue. Upload an explanation of the work in a separate document.

In this assignment, we are looking for your ability to communicate a personal view on a particular issue through a work of art.

B. Create an original art piece that reflects who you are. Use appropriate materials and techniques to interpret your idea. In this assignment, we will look at how you creatively interpret the problem, and how you make artistic choices.

C. Choose a piece of your artwork that you feel best demonstrates your technical skill and understanding of your favorite medium. In this assignment, we want to see that you have developed the skills needed to succeed in this advanced program.

RETURNING STUDENTS ONLY: Applicants who attended the California State Summer School for the Arts previously must submit in writing a one page essay stating their reasons for wishing to return to the school, and their learning objectives for a second summer. ALSO NOTE: Assignments A through C MUST be new, original submissions that show your development and growth since you attended our program. DO NOT submit work you created during the previous summer session. The essay and your progress as an artist will be seriously reviewed. If you attended CSSSA in a different department, you must also submit a recommendation by a CSSSA instructor from the department that you attended previously.


Do not submit class assignments from school! We want to learn about YOUR ideas, and see how YOU solve problems.

One of your submissions must reflect your first choice and one must reflect your second choice (for example, if you selected ceramics as your first choice and painting as your second choice, one of your assignments must be in clay work and one of your assignments must be a painting )

Upload no more than three images total, one per assignment. Only .jpeg file types will be accepted.
Please save your assignments with your first initial and last name followed by the appropriate letter for each of the submissions.

For example, John Smith would save his work as follows: