Theater Requirements

CSSSA Theater Required Assignments – 2020

Applicants to the Theater Program must submit completed application and teacher recommendation forms and upload the two REQUIRED ASSIGNMENTS, A and B below:

A. A video audition:

1. Introduction: At the beginning, SIMPLY tell us your name, your age and where you are from. Then describe your interest in Theater and what you hope to gain from attending the program. (Please be brief – 15 seconds is enough!)

2. Performance: Do a monologue or solo speech (from memory) by a single character from a play. Introduce your performance by telling us the name of the work, the author, and the role you will play, but no more information than that. When recording your monologue, keep in mind that the production quality of the video is not as important as making sure that the judges will be able to see you (all of you) and hear you. Students must memorize the monologue – applicants reading monologues will be disqualified. Please Note: Absolutely NO GROUP PERFORMANCE VIDEOS, PERFORMANCE DOCUMENTARY VIDEOS OR EXCERPTS FROM DEMO TAPES will be reviewed.

B. Optional Musical Performance: If you have a strong interest and ability in musical theater, you can include a performance of 16 bars from a song from the American Musical Theater (no pop songs, please). THIS IS IN ADDITION TO THE REQUIRED INTRODUCTION AND PERFORMANCE described above. Identify your character, the musical, the situation and the song. Accompaniment is not required. Musical Theater is a limited-enrollment elective class that students may sign up for on the first day of class).

The length of the audition, including introduction, performance, and the optional musical selection, should be no longer than FOUR MINUTES! (CSSSA does not offer a separate musical theater program.)

RETURNING STUDENTS ONLY: Make sure that your video is of an original audition that shows your growth as an actor since you have been at CSSSA, and state in your introduction why you think you should be given a second opportunity to enroll in the Theater Program. If you previously attended CSSSA in an artistic discipline other than Theater, you must submit a recommendation from a CSSSA instructor in that department.

FOR ALL STUDENTS: Please upload a single video that contains your intro, performance, and optional musical performance.