Music Requirements


The Music Department welcomes students with a variety of interests and ways of expressing themselves musically. Our program celebrates many types of musical genres, from Indonesian gamelan training to private instruction with your chosen instrument(s). Whether you study African Drumming, Classical Music, Mariachi Music, and more, you are encouraged to be yourself when you apply to this rigorous program. We hope to see your unique voice come through.

Applicants must submit a completed online application, provide the contact information for two teacher recommenders, and upload the following required assignments.

A. Create an audition video recording that includes a vocal or instrumental performance of two pieces of contrasting styles. The maximum combined performance length for the audition is six minutes. Begin your video by stating your name, your instrument, and the number of years you have played each (if applicable), and the titles and composers of your selections. Then start your audition. Original songs may not be submitted. NOTE: We MUST be able to see you play your instrument or sing.

B. In addition, IN A SEPARATE DOCUMENT, upload your answer to the following questions: Why do you want to attend the California State Summer School for the Arts, and what do you think you will contribute to the Music Program?


In addition to the assignments above, submit a brief statement of your specific learning objectives and reasons for wanting to return to the school.


You are welcome to have an accompanying track or use an accompanist for the audition recording.

If you would like to apply for more than one instrument, multiple applications must be submitted. Students will be accepted in one instrument only.

Please save your assignments with your first initial and last name followed by the appropriate letter for each of the submissions. For example, John Smith would save his work as follows: