Film Requirements

CSSSA Film Required Assignments – 2021

Applicants to the Film Program must submit completed application and teacher recommendation forms and upload THE REQUIRED ASSIGNMENTS, A through D:

A. Describe in 150 words or more the role you want filmmaking to play in your life – as well as your beliefs on what filmmakers have to offer to society.

B. In 150 words or more, describe a film or television show that has inspired you. Discuss the themes of the film/show and what scenes, in particular, spoke to you. What do you believe that the creators are trying to say? Why is this work important to you? Avoid writing only about the surface level elements and instead, dive deep into the analysis. Try to describe the work’s content, what it is saying, and how they achieved this. Is there anything that you would change about the piece?

C. In 100 words or more, discuss a filmmaker whom you find inspiring and what in particular about their work that is compelling to you.

D. Submit one film that you have CREATED, with a maximum running time of ten minutes. Music Videos, school/club group projects, and PSA’s are NOT accepted! Submissions may be shot on anything from your iPhone to an ARRI ALEXA—It is not the tool that makes the artist. Video links will not be accepted. You may be the director, editor, writer, cinematographer, or producer, or any combination of these roles, but your role must be clearly stated. You must include the following items in addition to the film:

  • A description of your project — two sentences maximum.
  • A short statement that describes your process. What was your intent?
  • What was your budget, what equipment was used and what resources were at your disposal?
  • What role did you have on the project? (e.g., writer, director, cinematographer or editor)


Previous attendees must submit original work completed after the summer session, which reflects your growth as a film artist. In addition, you must submit a brief statement of your specific learning objectives and reasons for wanting to return to the school. If you previously attended CSSSA in an artistic discipline other than Film, you must submit a letter of recommendation from a CSSSA instructor in that department.

FOR ALL STUDENTS, PLEASE NOTE: Please save your assignments with your first initial and last name followed by the appropriate letter for each of the submissions. For example, John Smith would save his work as follows:

  • jsmith_A
  • jsmith_B
  • jsmith_C