Dance Requirements


The Dance Department at CSSSA welcomes anyone to audition, regardless of their previous experience in dance. There are multiple levels at CSSSA to best teach and accommodate students with differing experiences across dance disciplines. This session the dance department will be offering techniques in ballet, modern, contemporary, hip-hop, improv, and choreography.

Applicants must submit a completed online application, provide the contact information for two teacher recommenders, and upload the following required assignments.

A. Introduction: In a brief introductory video, tell us about your dance experience and what you hope to gain by joining CSSSA. If you do ballet pointe, hip hop, tap dancing or other genres of dance, let us know how many years you’ve been doing them.

B. Warm-up: Execute a STANDING dance warm-up (not to exceed two minutes) that shows us how to prepare your body to dance. This will show us your technical strengths and abilities. The warm-up must emphasize strength, stretch, balance, coordination, and rhythm. In the space that you are working, please include jumps and turns. You may perform this warm-up to music if you wish but it is not required.

C. Performance/Choreography: Perform one or two compositions (not to exceed a total of two minutes) that you have learned from another choreographer or choreographed yourself. Describe your selection(s) indicating the choreographer(s) and musical composer(s) (if there is music) at the beginning of each section this can be done either by voice or titles with description. Please do not submit group performance videos we only want to see you.

If you would like to do pointework at CSSSA, please ensure that we see some pointework (either in the warm-up, or as a variation in the performance/choreography section). Pointe is not a requirement for students at CSSSA.

D. If you tap, please submit a tap video (no longer than 1 minute). Tap is not a requirement for students at CSSSA. Tap may or may not be offered at CSSSA 2024, depending on numbers of interested students. (If there is no class offered, feel free to bring them anyway; there are other spaces on campus where you may be able to practice on your own.)


Briefly state your specific learning objectives and reasons for wanting to return to the CSSSA Dance Program. This may be added to your introduction video.


All applications must wear form fitting dance attire so that we can see you move. No loose-fitting clothing please, the exception would be hip-hop.

We recommend that you stick to the two-minute time limit so, if possible, please do not exceed it in your recordings.

(IMPORTANT) Be sure to check your video before you upload it to make certain that is is viewable. You may upload one file with the introduction, warm-up, and performance/choreography.

We in the CSSSA dance department look forward to seeing all your beautiful work.