Dance Requirements

CSSSA Dance Required Assignments – 2021

Applicants to the Dance program must submit completed applications and teacher recommendation forms and upload the following REQUIRED DANCE VIDEO ASSIGNMENTS:

A. Introduction: At the beginning of the video, identify yourself, describe your interest in dance, and tell us how many years of training you have had in ballet, modern or another style. Please indicate whether you do tap or pointe (how many years). Tell us what you hope to gain by attending the California State Summer School for the Arts, and discuss your educational and career goals. INTRODUCTIONS SHOULD NOT EXCEED 20 SECONDS – be brief!

B. Warm-up: Execute a standing dance warm-up (not to exceed two minutes) that shows your technical strengths and abilities. The warm-up must emphasize strength, stretch, balance, coordination, and rhythm. In center floor, please include jumps and pirouettes. (You may perform this warm-up to music if you wish but it is not required).

C. Performance/Choreography: Perform one or two dances (not to exceed a total of four minutes) that you have studied and/or choreographed. Describe your selection(s) indicating the choreographer(s) and musical composer(s) at the beginning of this section. Absolutely NO GROUP PERFORMANCE videos will be accepted.

*If you are on pointe and would like to do pointework at CSSSA please ensure that we see some pointework (either in the warm-up, or as a variation in the performance/choreography section). [Pointe is not a requirement]

D. If you tap, please submit a tap video (no longer than 1 minute). [Tap is not a requirement]


You must briefly state your specific learning objectives and reasons for wanting to return to the CSSSA Dance Program. This may be added to your introduction video. If you previously attended CSSSA in an artistic discipline other than Dance, you must submit a recommendation from a CSSSA instructor in that department.


Female applicants MUST wear leotard and tights or unitard for audition video. Male applicants MUST wear T-shirt and tights or unitard for audition video. NO LOOSE FITTING or street clothing, please.

Time limits are strictly enforced.

It is your responsibility to check your video before you upload it to make certain that it is viewable. You may upload one file with the intro, warm-up, and performance/choreography as one video