Animation Requirements

CSSSA Animation Required Assignments – 2017

Applicants must submit completed application and teacher recommendation forms, and upload ALL of the following REQUIRED ASSIGNMENTS. If you fail to include any of the required assignments, your application will be deemed incomplete and disqualified from further review:

A. One drawing or painting that suggests a story without speech bubbles. Show us something happening, about to happen, or in the aftermath. We are interested in seeing how you would tell a story in a single image and what kind of story you would tell. This does not need to be cartoony at all. Feel free to use any technique or visual style you feel would best represent your idea.

B. One drawing or painting of any subject that interests you. You might consider an emotion, memory, song, place or thing. Upload an explanation of the work. Include the poem, or lyrics if appropriate.

C. One drawing or painting that you feel demonstrates your technical skills.

Only .jpeg file types will be accepted for Assignments A-C. Please save your assignments with your first initial and last name followed by the appropriate letter for each of the submissions. For example, John Smith would save his work as follows:


D. Upload a video of an animation you have created that demonstrates your understanding of motion. You can make a flipbook with index cards and flip it in front of a camera if you don’t have access to animation resources. Acceptable video formats are .gif, .mov, and .mp4. We will not accept an image sequence in a PDF file as a motion example.

E. Upload two typed statements of no more than 150 words each addressing the following topics:

1. The CSSSA Animation program requires each student to complete 8 difficult projects in only 4 weeks. Give us an example of something you have done before in school or in your life that required you to work very hard, and tell us how you did on that task or group of tasks.

2. Why are you interested in animation?


Applicants who attended the Animation Program previously must upload a typed statement of no more than 150 words explaining what you hope to achieve during your second summer at CSSSA if you are accepted. This statement will be accepted instead of Assignment E Topic 1 above. Also note: Assignments A through D must be new submissions that show your DEVELOPMENT and GROWTH AS AN ARTIST since you attended the program. Do not submit work you created at a previous session or your application will be disqualified. If you previously attended CSSSA in an artistic discipline other than Animation, you must submit a recommendation from a CSSSA instructor in that department.


VERY IMPORTANT: The review committee insists that all work is presented with the utmost care and attention. The artwork / animation you submit should be original and from your own experience and imagination. The committee wants to see YOU reflected in the content and distinctive style of your artwork. Be yourself! There should be no copying of existing cartoon characters. We also discourage the submission of standard animation exercises such as the bouncing ball and flour sack. The applicant is highly encouraged to include submissions that explore a wide range of fine arts styles and ideas other than cartoon art.